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Practice makes performance.


Great practice makes great performances.


Take your playing to the next level with SPARK Practice, a musician-tested & approved, science-based practice framework & strategic formula for onstage neurological safety & musical excellence.


SPARK Practice is based in neuroscience, elite sports, top musical training, and mindfulness. Staying on the forefront of elite performance psychology and learning, SPARK Practice is a proven, flexible system for excellence in high-stress performance.


Centered around the 5 SPARK Practice Pillars, SPARK Practice is above all a practical, flexible system to keep you moving toward your goals. Use the 5 Pillars, the Practice Timer, ane the SPARK Practice Journal in the best way that works for you.



Intentional Practice is like Deliberate Practice but with two supercharged elements : Intention, and Positive Emotional Signatures. Truly efficient practice and practice room confidence leans into these supercharged techniques that help learning and retention.

Hi! I’m Sarah Niblack,

Head Nerd at SPARK Practice.

Even though I thought I learned how to practice in school, I sometimes had trouble with nerves and inconsistent performances. My world-class teachers and conservatories taught me to master my instrument, but NOT how to master my practice.

With SPARK Practice, I developed now-proven techniques for building in mental, musical, and mechanical mastery with neurological safety, and it helped me learn more from my mentors.

Now I feel confident in the practice room and on stage. For the first time I consistently enjoy performing - even in high-pressure situations.

Join me and other SPARK Practicers today. Let's play!

“Results 100% of the time”

⚡️SPARK Practice is effective, practical, and, therefore, motivating!
With Spark Practice, tangible progress and ease develop very quickly, followed by a sense of accomplishment that comes naturally when effort leads to ability.

Spark Practice gets results 100% of the time,
​and I love to use it in my own practice and with my students!

- Daina Staggs,
violinist & Suzuki Association of the Americas teacher, Texas USA.


SPARK Practice Formula & Foundations is your essential course to understand/implement the 5 Pillars. Through 5-weeks of live classes, dive deeply into how each pillar works and how to craft practice strategies toward musical objectives. Level up your playing by incorporating neurobiology and expertise from elite sports and music. 


​Imagine what a year in a supportive environment could do for your playing - like a gym membership to the world’s best practice rooms. Get a rocket-launch leap toward your year-end performance goals with like-minded musicians. The Practice Room has many practice sessions during the week but so much more, including live office hours calls, master classes, yoga for musicians, exclusive Facebook group, sample training programs, plug & play practice sessions, and more. This is your ultimate investment to actually getting better and your accelerated resource for accountability & action.


🇫🇷  SPARK Practice en Français ! SPARK Practice les Fondations est une formation professionnelle pour explorer les 5 piliers de SPARK Practice. Pendant 5 semaines des cours, vous allez comprendre le fonctionnement de votre cerveau, et les strategies le plus adaptes pour votre pratique d’instrument. Vous allez trouver les clefs a votre pratique individuel vers la maitrise musicale, mentale, et mécanique (technique). Ce cours est conseillé pour ceux qui préparent les competitions ou des concours.


"⚡️SPARK Practice is brilliant! ​The system has helped both me & my students become more efficient practicers & more secure performers. It can be applied at every ability level & the results are tangible!"

Gwendolyn Cawdron
Associate Principal Viola, ​Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Learn SPARK Practice to turn your “I WISH” into “I DID IT!”

Are you ready to become a better musician every time you pick up your instrument? SPARK Practice fits into your life and works with you for efficiency & confidence onstage and in the practice room. Great performances start with great practice.

At SPARK Practice, we help professional musicians master Intentional Practice


Performance success starts in the practice room, and great practice starts with Intention, Positive Emotional Signatures & Deliberate Practice.


SPARK Practice combines neuroscience, sports psychology, elite musical training, and mindfulness practices to achieve artistic excellence and consistent confidence on stage.


SPARK Practice is a flexible system / framework that supports a variety of learning and professional environments, while building artistic autonomy and neurological safety.


SPARK Practice is compatible with your teacher, and any method / technique books you’re already learning. It’s designed to support your learning and practice efficiency, autonomously or with a teacher / mentor.  

Become the player you want to be 🚀

Ready to level-up your playing?

Do you want to feel confident about your practice room efficiency and absolutely secure on stage? Get ready for a new way to practice with SPARK Practice and become a better musician every time you practice.

Level-up your playing and master Intentional Practice with SPARK Practice.

Let's SPARK Practice!

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