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Everything you need to confidently Practice for Performance

This is a new class that takes you through the entire environment of learning and practicing FOR performance.

From mindset, intention, strategy, efficiency, through action, evaluation, and all the way to renewal. This class brings elite sports preparation cycles, mindset, nervous system regulation, and strategy together in everything you should have been taught in conservatory but weren’t.

  • Lifetime access, 8-week live Q&A starts October 9, replays available.
  • This is for you:
    • SPARK Practicers who have already taken Formula & Fundamentals
    • Frustrated musicians who feel like they know how to practice but aren’t making progress like they want to
    • Motivated players who are looking to level-up their mental game to unlock the next step in their playing / career
    • Invested amateurs who want to get some top-level insight
    • Conservatory students who want to get into festivals, grad school, take auditions, and get the most out of their studies
    • YOU!
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🇺🇸🇬🇧 Formula & Foundations

  • This outlines the SPARK Practice Intentional Practice System
  • Learn the philosophy and Intentional Purpose behind each pillar
    • Sound
    • Performance
    • Attuned Intonation
    • Rhythm 
    • Kinetic Integration
  • Specific strategies in each SPARK Practice pillar with Mental, Musical, and Mechanical elements. 
  • Easy to Ninja-level strategies to make sure you make the most progress and keep learning
  • Pre-requisite to SPARK Practice for Teachers
  • Lifetime access, 5-week live Q&A starts October 11, replays available.
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So, why SPARK Practice?

It’s time to fix how we learn for performance.

- As a student at a top conservatory, I was completely abandoned in the practice room, and was ill-prepared mentally to go on stage.

+ As a Division 1 Scholarship Rower, I was accompanied 60-80% of the time during training by a coach who had developed a complete competition training plan for me.

+ I deep-dove into Neuroscience and Neurobiology to really find out how to learn, regulate my nervous system, heal old wounds, and be the musician I can be.

+ Finally understanding mindfulness in peak performance, and how the mental game is so much more than we talk about. 


I knew there was a better way for musicians, and here it is.


SPARK Practice harnesses the influences of cutting-edge neuroscience, elite sports, top international musical training, and mindfulness to bring a new approach to practicing and performance.


Level up your skills to play, create, perform.


Learn to hold space for big feelings and upgrade your nervous system to go for BIG challenges - while reducing injury or burnout, and gain efficiency and focus in the practice room and on stage.


Welcome to SPARK Practice, the Intentional Practice System for Healthy Musical Excellence.

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Practice for Performance

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From the inner workings of the Intentional Practice System, SPARK Practice for Teachers, to Practice for Performance, you are welcome here.

Here you’re safe to go for it and make some big moves towards your playing goals.

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Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance.

Practice Boosts are also available for teaching studios, groups, and schools - let’s support your students to get the most out of your teaching!

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