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In The Practice Room, your personal success is a team sport. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you were part of an international group of serious musicians with access online to :

  • Scientifically-sound Practice Framework
  • Boost your training with Sports Theory & Psychology
  • Organize & Expand your Practice Toolbox
  • Get Stronger Mentally, Musically, and Mechanically
  • Make real change that stays with you through your motivation highs and lows
  • Understand your personal flow and make it work for you 
  • Accountability & Practice Buddies
  • Identify & Overcome Blocks / The Yips / Choking Onstage
  • The Audition Club Regular Playing Opportunities
  • Multiple Daily Zoom Practice Sessions Across Timezones
  • Group Calls & the SPARK Practice Clubhouse
  • Masterclasses & Guest Speakers
  • Regular Yoga & Mindfulness Classes
  • Challenges & Practice Intensives
  • 50% OFF SPARK Practice Classes, Events & Swag

Remember that question from earlier - Why aren’t you where you want to be with your playing?

Short Answer - You’d be a lot closer to year dreams with The Practice Room. Let’s do this.

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⚡️SPARK Practice is brilliant! 

​The system has helped both me & my students become more efficient practicers & more secure performers. It can be applied at every ability level
& the results are tangible!  

Gwendolyn Cawdron,

Associate Principal Viola,
​Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Theory AND Action

Most teachers and coaches bring theory and experience from experts, and maybe even gives suggestions about how to apply. SPARK Practice does that. But knowledge alone won’t make you better. The Practice Room takes it a step further. Let’s actually do it. Together.

I Want to Achieve my Goals!


SPARK Practice is based in neuroscience, elite sports, top musical training, and mindfulness. Staying on the forefront of elite performance psychology and learning, SPARK Practice is a proven, flexible system for excellence in high-stress performance.


Centered around the 5 SPARK Practice Pillars, SPARK Practice is above all a practical, flexible system to keep you moving toward your goals. Use the 5 Pillars, the Practice Timer, ane the SPARK Practice Journal in the best way that works for you.


Intentional Practice is Deliberate Practice with two supercharged elements : Intention, and Positive Emotional Signatures. Truly efficient practice and confidence leans into these supercharged techniques that drive learning and retention.

“Results 100% of the time”


⚡️SPARK Practice is effective, practical, and, therefore, motivating!
With Spark Practice, tangible progress and ease develop very quickly, followed by a sense of accomplishment that comes naturally when effort leads to ability.

Spark Practice gets results 100% of the time,
​and I love to use it in my own practice and with my students!


- Daina Staggs,
violinist & Suzuki Association of the Americas teacher, Texas USA.


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